4 1/2 Percent Full Service Listings

Real Estate today is different than in 1986. We now conduct real estate services and transactions in a manner consistent with the rise of technology. The Internet has brought instant information to our fingertips. Electronic signatures, paperless contracts, digitally transferred photos, text messaging, and virtual tours have streamlined the process and increased marketing for all agents. As a listing agent this saves us time and increases our exposure. And time is money. So that is why we pass the savings to you!

6% listings predate the Internet, personal computers, iPads, cell phones, and everything else we now call technology. All of these tools should add up to savings for YOU. This is why we offer 4.5% listings and bring you huge savings.

Homeowners are sometimes surprised to hear that not all realtors charge the same fees. I also find they are just as surprised to hear that less fees does not always mean less service or sub par results. If you are selling your home, all you want is results. That means maximizing your sales price, maximizing your proceeds from the sale, with as little time on the market as possible. We intentionally cost our clients less while giving them a premium product. Let’s take a look at the results.

Jason and Bonnie By the numbers for 2017 :

Our listings Sold at 99.33% of the list price. NoVA Average for the same period is 97.1%.

Our listings Sold in an average of 21 days on the market. NoVA average for the same period is 51 days.

What does 4.5% look like?

The division of the 4.5% is scientific and hugely important to everyone’s success. If another agent tells you they will sell your home for 4.5% your first question should be “How much does the buyer’s agent receive?” With our listings, 3% of the 4.5% goes to the buyer’s agent. This means that Samson gives out 3% and keeps only 1.5% for their work. The buyer’s agent doesn’t know and doesn’t care how much you are paying us as your listing agent. All they care about is that they are getting offered 3% if they bring the buyer. If your listing pays 2.5% and your neighbor’s pays 3%, which one will the buyers agent be more eager to show? Realtors want to get paid, so they will likely prefer to show the listing that pays them the most. We intentionally reduce our side which saves you money, and still offers maximum compensation to buyer’s agents, which brings you results.

Selling to buy?

If you are looking to sell your current property and purchase a new home, then your first step should be to contact a highly qualified

Realtor. Since you are already a homeowner you likely have confidence with regards to what amenities you want in your next home,

the amount of space you want, as well as an approximate area or neighborhood you want to live in. While you have a firm grasp of

your end game and desired lifestyle, this go around you need help managing and negotiating all the aspects of two transactions at

one time. You need firm answers with regards to timing of two transactions and protecting your interests within both of those

transactions. Jason and Bonnie have the necessary experience and are confident and excited to lead you through that process.

Relocating From NoVA?

Whether you are relocating out of the area due to a mid career job change, or retiring and moving to a less expensive area of the

country, we understand your needs in selling. Due to a future purchase at your next destination you need to know that you can

minimize your hassle and maximize your proceeds. You are also looking for specific advice on changes you should make in your

current home such as minor upgrades or painting so that you can have broad desirability.

We advise that your first action in making any of these decisions should be to contact us so that we can lend a hand in your

decisions on property condition. The right paint color, decluttering, exterior appeal, and of course professional staging add significant

value to a home. So before you start spending money on upgrades or costly contractor suggestions let us share our professional

knowledge. We aim to help you not only sell at top dollar but do it at a minimum cost to you.

With regards to maximizing proceeds we are confident we have the edge with our full-service 4.5% listings. When you pay less fees

you keep more of your equity. We also understand that a move and a job change or retirement are both a big deal. So minimizing

your stress and hassle are a necessity since you have other major life changes to manage. We have many sellers relocating from

NoVA every year and send them on their way with wonderful memories and a successful transaction that propels them into future


Preparing Your Home to Sell

Why Staging Works

-A staged home typically sells faster than a non staged home.

-A staged home creates a great first impression. Most buyers make up their mind within seconds of entering your home. Builders

invest significant resources in staging model homes because staging works.

-A staged home typically sells at a higher price than a non-staged home. Staging creates an emotional attachment to a home.

-Staging your home broadens its appeal and attracts more potential buyers. More interest means more offers and a higher

probability of multiple offers.

-A staged home is shown by more Realtors. Because staged homes sell faster, Realtors prefer to show staged homes over vacant


-Home staging enhances the best features of a home.

-Maximizing Your Curb Appeal

-Keep the lawn edged, cut and watered

-Regularly trim hedges and weed lawns and flowerbeds

-Paint the front door

-Polish/Replace front door hardware

-Sweep Walkways and driveway; remove branches, litter or toys

-In the winter keep walks neatly cleared of snow and ice

-In autumn rake the leaves

-Remove any outdoor furniture which is not in good repair

-Remove and repaint any peeling paint on doors and windows

-Repair and replace loose or damaged roof shingles

-Remove mildew or moss from walls or walks with bleach or other cleaner

-Repair and repaint loose siding and caulking

-Repair and clean gutters

-Reseal old asphalt

-Paint or replace mailbox

-Keep the garage door closed

-Store RVs and old cars elsewhere while the house is on the market

-Add a new front door mat and consider seasonal door decoration

-Make sure doorbell is in good working order

-Maximizing Interior Appeal

-Clean the house thoroughly

-Consider using a professional cleaning service every few weeks while house is on the market Keep tabletops, counters,

dressers, and closets free of clutter

-Tidy the refrigerator and stove, drawers, cabinets.

-Arrange furniture for spaciousness

-Rent storage area for extra furniture and personal effects to create a more spacious look Remove personal pictures

-Remove stains from the carpets

-Do all you can to reduce odors

-Create cozy bedrooms by getting rid of excess furniture

-Organize Closets – Donate unwanted clothes, shoes, and jackets.

-Put a fresh coat of paint on dingy or strongly colored walls using neutral colors.

-Make your bathroom sparkle – Repair unsightly caulking in tubs and showers, display your best towels, mats, and shower


-Repair dripping faucets and shower heads

-Replace outdated light fixtures

-Repair cracks, holes or damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint and tiles

-Seal Basement walls if there are cracks or signs of leaks.

-Relocate pet litter boxes and feeding bowls away from living area(s).