4.5% Full Service Listings – Northern VA

Real Estate today is different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. We now conduct real estate services and transactions in a manner consistent with the rise of technology. The Internet has brought instant information to our fingertips. Electronic signatures, paperless contracts, digitally transferred photos, text messaging, and virtual tours have streamlined the process and increased marketing for all agents. As a listing agent this saves us time and increases our exposure. And time is money. So that is why we pass the savings to you! 6% listings predate the Internet, personal computers, iPads, cell phones, and everything else we now call technology. All of these tools should add up to savings for YOU. This is why we offer 4.5% listings and bring you huge savings.

Homeowners are sometimes surprised to hear that not all realtors charge the same fees. I also find they are just as surprised to hear that less fees does not always mean less service or sub par results. If you are selling your home, all you want is results. That means maximizing your sales price, maximizing your proceeds from the sale, with as little time on the market as possible. We intentionally cost our clients less while giving them a premium product.